East Atlanta Beer Fest adds iPhone app & Badgy

The East Atlanta Beer Fest has expanded the digital experience at the festival to now include an iPhone app and two badges from Badgy.  Recently, we announced the Foursquare integration at the festival which includes unique beers for Foursquare users and free schwag.  EABF already has a very active Twitter and Facebook presence and has solidified itself digitally as a premiere social media focused beer festival with the addition of the Foursquare integration, new iPhone app and Badgy badges.

The iPhone Re:Brew app for the East Atlanta Beer Fest by LBi is currently available for download in the App Store and has some great features that attendees are going to enjoy using.  One of the key social features is that it allows users to be able to share content within the app to both Twitter and Facebook.  The primary app functionality includes:

  • Descriptions of all of the beers at the festival along with table numbering to help attendees easily find them.
  • Rating functionality so you can track your favorites and provides a real time aggregation of the current top 10 rated brews
  • Photo taking capability from within the app

Badgy is an Atlanta based company that creates a social gaming element to brand marketing and was one of the 2011 Atlanta Foursquare Day technology partners.  They provided the Atlanta Foursquare community with a unique badge to help celebrate 4sqDay here in our city.  The EABF has teamed up with Badgy to offer two different badges that folks can unlock using Twitter during the beer festival on 5/21 from noon-6pm.  The first badge features the 2011 EABF logo and everyone who tweets this message during the festival hours will unlock it:

Toast to craft beers at @EABF – RT this for a special #EABF commemorative badge from @Badgy

The second badge that will be available during that same timeframe highlights Beer Bear, the EABF mascot.  Everyone who unlocks the primary logo badge will be sent instructions via Twitter on how to earn the second badge.  I’m not going to spoil the fun, but it will require users to physically explore the festival.  I like how the two tier structure for earning these EABF Badgy badges incorporates both the online and the offline world.  I know I’m looking forward to adding both of these to my Badgy collection.

Kudos to the EABF Team on incorporating all of these various digital elements to the event and creating this wonderful social foundation that they can continue to build upon going forward.  I will be there all day and am excited to chat with fellow Foursquare users at the merch tent and unique beer tables.  Track me down and I’ll buy you a beer.

4sqATL is an East Atlanta Beer Fest sponsor.

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and Foursquare