Digital Atlanta Check-in Sponsors Needed

In just a few short weeks the 2011 Digital Atlanta week will kick-off here in Atlanta and run from Nov 7-11.  Digital Atlanta (formerly Social Media Atlanta) is a week long series of events focused on social media, technology, and other digital related topics.  This will be the second year for the event and those of you who attended last year know just how wonderful the sessions were.  Not only has the conference returned…but it’s even bigger and better than before!  Several companies like Vitrue, MailChimp, and AT&T have already signed up to be overall sponsors and they are currently looking for more.

4sqATL assisted last year with creation of individual session venues where the majority of them had check-in giveaway specials for attendees.  These check-in giveaways were quite popular and are a great way to have your business involved in the individual events. The foursquare user base has continued to expand both globally and in Atlanta so the percentage of attendees who will be checking in during the 2011 Digital Atlanta week should be even larger.

We will create venues for all of the sessions just like last year and are currently in need of sponsors to donate check-in giveaway items.  We would prefer tangible items and gift cards (restaurants, stores, etc) as opposed to service oriented giveaways like free consultation type offers.  One example might be a single large prize where all Foursquare users who check-in at the venue would be entered into a drawing.  Another option would be the first X number of attendees who show their check-in at the session will all receive a gift.  Please visit the 2010 venue list to help with ideas on what types of items sponsors donated last year.  The cut-off date to commit to having your business sponsor a check-in giveaway will be Oct 25th.

If you are interested in becoming a session venue sponsor, please message me using this contact form.  If you have questions you can either use the form or Twitter.  The best way to keep up with all of the Digital Atlanta news and info is via their Facebook and Twitter feeds.  Thank you for considering a session donation and I look forward to seeing you at the events in November!

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and Foursquare