Bravo Just Desserts Foursquare Badge

Bravo TV has rolled out another badge and campaign as a part of their very popular Foursquare partnership.  This one is tied to the launch of their new show Top Chef Just Desserts which premieres Wednesday Sept 15th at 11pm EDT (tonight!).  To help celebrate they are giving away free desserts for “Just Desserts Day”.  This one day promotion is from 1-3pm today and is available at approximately 200 shops around the country.  Not only are they rewarding folks with free desserts, they are giving Foursquare users a new badge too!  The Top Chef Just Desserts Badge has the same look and feel as their regular Top Chef badge, but with a different color scheme.  You can unlock it by visiting one of the participating “Just Desserts Day” locations.  It is unknown how long the badge will be available (would imagine for at least the length of the show’s first season), but the free dessert promotion is a one day event only.

Atlanta is fortunate to have 4 locations where you can earn this badge and receive your free treat on 9/15 from 1-3pm:

Visit the Bravo Top Chef Just Desserts Facebook page for a complete list of all the participating locations.  Don’t forget to follow Bravo on Foursquare before you go visit the locations in order to be eligible to unlock the badge and get your free treat.

The new Just Desserts badge is the 8th for Bravo who leads the partnership list in number of branded badges.  According to (at the time of this posting), Bravo is the second most followed Foursquare partner with just over 62,000 followers.  They are right on the heels of Zagat and trail by approximately 1,000.  This new badge and free dessert campagin may be enough to push them into first place atop the Foursquare partnership brand leaderboard.

NEW INFO (9/16):  Bravo has changed how and where you can unlock the badge now that the one day free dessert promotion is over.  They have made this one venue category based which means it can be unlocked anywhere in the world as long as “Desserts” is a primary or secondary category.  This is a first for the Bravo badges and is good news for those Foursquare users who live in areas that are often overlooked by partners when hand selecting venues.

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and Foursquare