2012 Atlanta Beer Week Untappd Badge

The week of October 20-27th is the annual Atlanta Beer Week. Metro Atlanta certainly has reason to celebrate craft beer with local breweries like SweetWater, Monday Night, Red Brick, Wild Heaven, and Red Hare. Not only is the week a celebration of local brewers, it is also a celebration of terrific craft beer pouring locations. My favorite app that utilizes the Foursquare API for location data and venue check-in functionality is a social network designed for craft beer enthusiasts, Untappd. The app has an excellent relationship with Foursquare users and has even offered its users Untappd themed 4sqDay badges in both 2012 and 2011. For the first time, Untappd will offer a special edition badge just for Atlanta users and it is tied to the 2012 Atlanta Beer Week celebration.

image courtesy of the Atlanta History Center

To earn the badge, simply add your location to any beer check-in at the below list of locations. Atlanta Beer Week is all about getting out and exploring different craft beer venues so it will take 3 different locations to unlock the 2012 Atlanta Beer Week Untappd badge:

Have fun exploring the city and celebrating all that is craft beer and thank you to the awesome folks at Untappd for creating the limited edition badge. Hopefully, we will see more Atlanta badges from them in the future. See y’all at the pub!

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter, Foursquare, & Untappd

The image above is courtesy of Atlanta History Center. It was taken in the 1870s at the Atlanta City Brewing Company which was located at the corner of Courtland and Harris Streets (where the Hilton Atlanta stands today). The company brewed beer from 1876 until the 1950s with the exception of the Prohibition era under the 18th Amendment.