World Cup Foursquare Badge Action in Atlanta


The Foursquare battle over FIFA 2010 World Cup Soccer has been established.  CNN was first to announce the release of two new badges for the tournament.  One is available only at the soccer stadium venues in South Africa and the other is available at hand selected soccer viewing friendly bars/restaurants.  Bing was next to release their own badge campaign for soccer friendly viewing locations.  So now, you’re asking yourself…where and how can I unlock the CNN World Cup Super Fan and Bing Soccer Fan badges in Atlanta?

There are currently 5 Atlanta area venues where you can earn the CNN Super Fan badge.  To unlock it, follow CNN on Foursquare then check-in 3 times to any of the 5 venues.  This can be one venue three times or a combination of multiple venues.  The locations:

  1. Brewhouse Cafe – This venue is the Foursquare Atlanta venue of choice to Swarm for the England vs USA match on Saturday at 2:30pm.  For years, Brewhouse has been throwing the city’s biggest World Cup party and this year will be no different.  Plenty of TVs, live music, and drink specials will be flowing.  This will likely be the largest crowd and will definitely be swarming…for this game maybe even at the Super level.  Brewhouse is also the only venue claiming they have games in 3-D coverage.
  2. Midway Pub – Midway Pub is offering a very cool World Cup promotion.  Attendees can purchase a Passport for $5 and will get stamped for every live World Cup event they watch there.  For every new stamp, Passport holders will earn credit toward a gift card to be issued after the tournament (GC immediately credited $5 to offset purchase of Passport).  If you were to watch all the games you could end up totalling $325!  They will also have a 12 foot screen and tent setup outside to handle large crowds.
  3. Fado’s Irish Pub – Fado’s is an Atlanta icon for watching soccer and is the only bar in Atlanta listed as an “Official Soccer Bar”.  Fado’s is also the only venue of the 5 that is offering a Foursquare discount during the World Cup matches.  Show your check-in and receive 50% off your food total (does not include food off their special World Cup menu).  This party will certainly not disappoint with DJs carrying the party late into the night.
  4. Dantanna’s at CNN Center - This bar is located next to CNN so it making the list should come as no surprise.  This upscale bar should be plenty hoping right in the heart of downtown Atlanta with convenient access from the CNN Center.  Parking shouldn’t pose a problem with the abundance of area decks.  There is no posted information as of the writing of this post on specials or other entertainment being available.
  5. Sidebar –  Sidebar is located just a few short blocks from the CNN Center.  They are doing the World Cup party up right by offering patrons $9 Budweiser pitchers and $1 “Yellow Card”, “Red Card”, and “Penalty Shot” shots.  This would be an easy walk to go hit both this bar and Dantanna’s to get 2 of your 3 check-ins needed to unlock the badge.

Now that we have CNN covered, let’s take a quick look at the Bing Soccer Fan badge.  First off, you will need to be following Bing on Foursquare before you check-in.  Next you will need to make two different visits at any one (or two) of the locations below.  Important as this is different from the CNN badge, you must add a shout when you check-in saying “Go (Country Cup Abbreviation)!”.  An example would be: Go USA! or Go POR!.  The country name you shout must be a country playing in a match that day.  I believe it must be while the game is going on and one of the teams playing at that time to work (unsure if it can be a team that played the same day but after the match).  You can unlock the Bing badge at the following venues:

  1. Marlow’s Tavern locations in Duluth, Midtown, Cumberland, Alpharetta, Northlake, & Kennesaw - Great atmosphere and top notch food are highlights at this local series of restaurants.  Show your check-in during World Cup games and receive 20% off your bill!! Plus the mayor at each location will receive a free drink!
  2. Fado’s Irish Pub – It’s only fitting that the only Atlanta US Official Soccer Bar makes it on both badge lists.  Show your check-in during the games to receive 20% off your food purchase (not including food from the special World Cup menu).  The mayor here also will get a free “Irish Beverage”.
  3. Stats – This bar is famous for their draft taps at your table that you can pour yourself while you watch the game.  Check-in here to receive a $3 beer (non-specified) and the mayor will receive a free brew or well drink.

If any other venues for the CNN or Bing Foursquare World Cup badge promotions surface, I will be sure to get them updated on this list.  Please contact me and let me know if you find any out there around Atlanta that I have not found and included in this post or if you find an alternate way to shout out and unlock the Bing badge.

Now get out there and World Cup Foursquare it Atlanta!

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and Foursquare