TSA Baggage Handler Foursquare Badge

It is virtually impossible to view any news source these days and not find someone talking about the Transportation Safety Authority (TSA) and their screening methods.  Most of the controversy and public uproar has centered around the new “naked” x-ray screening machines and the pat downs.  All of this attention has led to TSA being the butt of  jokes from comedians and has even spawned spoof TSA Twitter accounts

Foursquare has always had a great sense of humor about both the badges they create (like the famous douchebag) and in the unlock text (great one for the karaoke badge).  It is only fitting that Foursquare created a new “Baggage Handler” badge to have a little fun with all of the attention being given to TSA.  Unlocking this one is pretty easy.  Just add a shout when you check into an airport about what you think on the TSA issue and earn yourself a virtual grope from Foursquare.

Safe travels this holiday season everyone!

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and Foursquare