Travel Channel Man v Food Nation Badge

The Travel Channel is one of the newest networks to partner with Foursquare to connect its TV programming to users out in the physical world.  Leaving content at venues through Foursquare is a perfect match for channels like History and Travel since the information in their programming is relevant to real world spots.  The Travel Channel just launched their first badge campaign which is tied to the hit show Man v. Food Nation.  The badge is available at locations that have been featured on the show where the host Adam Richman has left tips.  Based on the unlock text, it would appear that visiting one location after following the Travel Channel will earn you the badge:

Hungry? You just found one of America’s best pigout spots as seen on Travel Channel’s Man v. Food Nation! Hope you brought your appetite!

John Candy taking down The Old 96er in The Great Outdoors

I read through the list of tips they have posted and I think they have done a terrific job sharing usable information to Foursquare users.  Content like the tips left by the Travel and History Channels are perfect examples of marrying together TV and venue relevant information.  There are currently four venues in the metro Atlanta area where Adam Richman has left tips for the Travel Channel:

Have fun exploring Atlanta and the nation with the Travel Channel show Man v. Food Nation.  I’m going to venture out to try the Coronary Bypass burger at the Vortex like Richman did on the show.  Hopefully, I won’t end up looking like John Candy did when he had to eat The Old 96er in the classic 80s movie The Great Outdoors.

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and Foursquare