The Grio Launches a Black History Month Badge is a division of NBC news that is geared toward providing content that would appeal to the African American community.  They recently unveiled the “TheGrio’s 100: History Makers In The Making” which lists the top 100 African American industry and thought leaders that are shaping our country’s history for future generations.  Foursquare’s own Director of Business Development, Tristan Walker, was named to this distinguished list.  In conjunction with the list and Black History Month, The Grio rolled out a new Foursquare campaign designed to create brand awareness of their site and to provide historical information at venues they have tipped around the country.  Users who follow The Grio on Foursquare and check-in at 2 different Grio tipped venues during the month of February will earn the new Black History Month badge.  The unlock text reads:

You’ve explored places rich with black history. Visit to join their community and share your stories.

Atlanta has a rich African American cultural heritage and was at the heart of the Civil Rights Movement.  After the Civil Rights Act of 1965, African Americans have played a key role in shaping Atlanta politically by being elected to serve our city as mayor in every election since Maynard Jackson won in 1974.  Atlanta is also home to some of the best historically black colleges and universities in the country.  With so much diversity and history here it should come as no surprise that Atlanta is well represented with tipped venues from The Grio.  Those locations are:

Not located here, but a few notable venues that are near Atlanta:

The Grio has provided Foursquare users with a terrific reason to get out and learn more about our city’s history during Black History Month.  I encourage you to look for other locations around town to explore like the Atlanta History Center, Sweet Auburn Historical District, and both Oakland and Westview Cemeteries.

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and Foursquare