Sweet N Sour Chinese Food Foursquare Badge

chinese food foursquare badgeWhether you crave the Americanized Chinese food classics like General Tao and Kung Pao chicken, or you prefer more traditional cuisine, this new Foursquare badge is for you. The “Sweet N Sour Check-in” badge rewards users who frequent venues categorized as Chinese restaurants. The badge is part of the expertise series which allows for leveling (up to 10) as you explore more locales. Users who earn the initial level will see the following unlock text:

Scallion pancakes. Soup dumplings. Stinky tofu. Whether you’re slurping chow mein from a greasy takeout box or reaching for more dim sum off the lazy susan, just be sure you’re using chopsticks!

We certainly have plenty of options around the metro Atlanta to earn all 10 levels of this badge. The Buford Highway corridor has plenty of traditional options as does Gwinnett County. One of my personal favorites is Tasty China, located in Marietta, which offers a delicious line-up of Szechuan dishes. Have fun exploring and earning new levels to show off on your profile with the Sweet N Sour Foursquare badge.

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and Foursquare