Summer in ATL with TLC and Six Flags

Breaking a sweat before 8am in Atlanta can mean only one thing…summer is here.  Two different Foursquare partnerships are available to help make the 2010 Summer in Atlanta a little bit cooler (see what I did there): The Learning Channel (TLC) and Six Flags Theme Parks.  Let’s examine both and what they mean to us here in Atlanta a little bit closer shall we…yes, we shalt:

TLC has three different badges you can unlock this summer and the good news is you can get all three here in Atlanta.  As with all brand badges, the first thing you need to do is follow TLC on Foursquare.  The TLC flip-flop logo badge is unlocked during your first check-in at any TLC venue.  The other two badges (Cupcake and BBQ) are unlocked after checking in at three different cupcake or BBQ venues that TLC has tagged/left a tip.  Unfortunately, at this time there are not enough cupcake or BBQ venues to earn either badge without traveling outside Atlanta to another city where more venues exist.  Hopefully, TLC will add more and if they do I will be sure to update this post with the new locations.


TLC Venues in Atlanta (unlockable badge at location):

  1. Georgia Aquarium (logo badge)
  2. World of Coca-Cola (logo badge)
  3. Ria’s Bluebird (logo badge)
  4. Highland Bakery (logo & cupcake badges)
  5. Fox Bros BBQ (logo & BBQ badges)
  6. Turner Field (logo badge)

Please leave new venues in the comments section below and keep checking back!

The Six Flags Foursquare promo this summer is a litle different and much harder to actually earn the badge.  Six Flags has a single badge (called the Six Flags Funatic Badge) that you unlock once you visit the theme park 10 times this summer. Yes…you read that right…10 times.

 All 10 visits must be at the same location with no mix and matching of check-ins.  They did this because earning the badge is actually tied to a promotional giveaway at each park.  Every badge earner will be eligible to win a free Ultimate Pass for next season which entitles owners to unlimited access to the park with no waiting in lines!  One winner per park.  The other promo isn’t badge related at all and is for the park mayors.  On September 11th, the mayor at each of the 10 participating Six Flags venues will win themselves a free 2011 Season Pass.  Be sure to follow Six Flags on Foursquare before you start checking into the Six Flags Over Georgia venue.  Please note, Six Flags White Water in Marietta is not participating in this promotion.

EDIT on 8/31/2010: This week I stopped in Fox Bros BBQ and unlocked the badge.  I have been to Fox Bros more than 3 times since the promotion started and have not been to any other BBQ qualifying TLC venues.  I would venture a guess that the requirement to unlock the cupcake and barbecue badges has shifted from 3 different venues to simply 3 check-ins at one or more venues.  Since I had already met that requirement, it must have took checking in that one additional time to be awarded the badge after they made the change.  This is purely speculation and if you have noticed this change, please leave a note in the comments.

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and Foursquare