Shutterbug Photography Foursquare Badge

Heads up photographers! Foursquare just released a new core badge for users who post pics to their check-ins: Shutterbug. Uploading photos to venues helps to share the experience of that location through the lens of your camera (usually your phone). It is an excellent way to capture what a venue is like for others to view when deciding to check out a place. They are also a valuable addition when creating tips and serve as a fun reminder of your experience when you get your Timehop email one year later. To earn the badge, simply begin (if you aren’t already) sharing photos when you visit locations. It is venue and category agnostic so any location counts toward the badge. Users who unlock the badge will see the following message:

You’re a regular Ansel Adams! Whether you’re capturing the sun setting over the Siberian tundra, an adorable French Bulldog, or an artsy cappuccino foam shot (#nojudgements), your friends love your photo-worthy adventures. Keep snapping away!

Much like good quality tips, photos are an excellent addition to venues and I’m glad to see foursquare using a new core badge to encourage more users to post pictures.

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and foursquare