Scoutmob Deals Now Available in foursquare

Over the summer, foursquare rolled out a change to their platform integrating ‘daily deal’ providers like Groupon, Living Social, and GiltCity.  This new integration offered another way to connect and find deals around the city, especially when they began sending notification alerts for places on your to-do list and where you’ve been.  These changes were a welcome evolution to foursquare, but those of us in Atlanta still felt the platform was incomplete because this…is mustache country.  All of that has changed.  Like two superheroes teaming up to stop a formidable villain, Scoutmob and foursquare have now joined forces to help you explore your local city and find deals along the way.

The Scoutmob and foursquare pairing is a more seamless integration because the redemption model is quite different than the other local daily deal companies.  No advance purchase is needed in order to use a deal at a Scoutmob merchant which is exactly like the specials already being offered in the native foursquare platform.  This means if you want to use a Scoutmob deal you simply show the deal to the restaurant or merchant at the time of the transaction making it a lot easier on the end consumer.

Another reason I am an advocate for Scoutmob and a proponent of this integration is that both companies are dedicated to helping you explore your city.  Scoutmob has done a wonderful job at seeking out and providing recommendations for venues around Atlanta that a lot of folks might have never heard of or visited.  Their daily emails and tweets feel like you are getting information from a trusted friend and the personal touch they give to each merchant featured in their app is what sets them apart from the rest of the landscape. You can even follow Scoutmob on foursquare to get tips from their city editors about their favorite local venues.

Scoutmob and foursquare are a perfect fit for deal integration and both encourage you to be a better local.  Atlanta and the other 12 cities where Scoutmob is available definitely have reason to celebrate today.  Think I’ll go celebrate at a new restaurant with a Scoutmob deal.

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and foursquare