Preservation Nation Foursquare Badge

The National Trust for Historic Preservation has partnered with foursquare to help promote their Preservation Nation initiative. The purpose of the Trust is to “help people protect, enhance and enjoy the places that matter to them”. They have dropped tips at locations around the country where their organization has assisted in these efforts. We are fortunate to have one location here in Atlanta that is on their list: Historic Oakland Cemetery. Oakland was one of four locations in the country to receive a grant from the Trust to develop a collaboration project between a university and a historic site in order to help raise awareness of African American History. Oakland teamed up with Kennesaw State University to create a cell phone tour of the African American section in the cemetery. This free tour guides visitors through 12 different stops and is designed to educate listeners on the rich African American history found here in Atlanta.

image credit: Oakland Cemetery

Users must follow Preservation Nation on foursquare and visit one location they have tipped to earn the badge. Oakland Cemetery is the only eligible venue in metro Atlanta, but it is not the only venue in Georgia. Users can also unlock the badge at The Smith House in Dahlonega and The Partridge Inn in Augusta. Those who seek out one of these three venues will unlock the Preservation Nation badge and see the following text:

From Fanueil Hall to Fort Monroe, the Apollo to the Roxie, historic places help build vibrant, sustainable communities. Wear this badge with pride, you’re a part of PreservationNation!

I am a big fan of badges that encourage users to explore and learn about the history of our city, state, and country. Badges like this one, the History Channel, The Grio, and The Urban Daily are wonderful ways to bring attention to the historical significance of locations around users.

If you want to learn more about the history of Atlanta using tips on foursquare, I highly recommend following Oakland Cemetery on foursquare (disclosure: I wrote all of the tips on that account). Other great foursquare accounts that leave interesting and historical tips around the city are Scoutmob and the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Have fun exploring the history of Atlanta using foursquare!

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and foursquare