Players Club Swarm Badge

Enjoy hitting the party scene late at night? Then foursquare has you covered with a new badge designed just for the night owl party peoples: Players Club Swarm. It requires the same number of simultaneous check-ins at a location as the regular swarm badge of 50, but with one new change. The swarm must be after midnight! Users who get their late night swagger on with at least 49 other foursquare users will earn the Players Club badge and see the following unlock text:

Stranger danger! It’s after midnight and this place is swarming. Make some new friends!

To my knowledge, there has not been a Players Club swarm unlocked in GA since I don’t believe it is eligible at airports (Hartsfield-Jackson is basically in a perpetual state of swarm).  Maybe a Players Club flash-mob swarm party is in order?

The Hangover

Good luck earning the new badge everyone and try not to lose any of your friends in the process….or steal Mike Tyson’s tiger.

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and Foursquare