Perry Ellis Heritage Badge

International clothing designer Perry Ellis recently released a branded Foursquare badge called Heritage.  Earlier this summer, Perry Ellis ran a contest on Facebook for users to pick the badge design between 2 different options called the “Battle of the Badges”.  The design that won features a beach scene with a subtle American color theme which represents the history of the brand quite well.  Users who earn this new badge will receive a discount code good for 30% off purchases made at  They will also be notified about exclusive “foursquare weekends” featuring unique discounts and free items.  The unlock text reads:

That’s a stylish badge you’ve got there…the ultimate Perry Ellis accessory. Now head on over to, where you can get 30% off with code (UNIQUE CODE). Congrats on checking in like a true American fashion icon!


To earn the badge you will need to follow Perry Ellis on Foursquare and check in at 4 different venues they have tipped.  One of those 4 venues must be either a Perry Ellis store or a department store which carries the brand.  It will take you at least 4 days to earn the badge as only one check-in per day will count toward unlocking it and we are fortunate to have several tipped venue options here in Georgia.

At least one check-in must be from one of these department stores:

  • Macy’s – Lenox, Perimeter, Arbor Place, Southlake, Greenbriar, Northlake, Cumberland, Mall of Georgia, Augusta, Gwinnett Place, North Point, Town Center
  • Dillard’s – Perimeter, Arbor Place, Atlantic Station, Stonecrest, North Point

Other tipped venues in Georgia which will count toward unlocking the badge:

Have fun exploring fashion around Atlanta with Perry Ellis and good luck unlocking the badge!

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and Foursquare