New Dog Park and World Cup Foursquare Badges

Foursquare just rolled out two new badges that can be unlocked from anywhere in the world: Dog’s Best Friend and World Cup 2010.

The World Cup badge is only available for a limited time and will not likely be eligible for unlocking after the last World Cup match is played on July 11tt so don’t delay on that getting that one.  My guess is that this badge was created because of complaints that the CNN and Bing Foursquare World Cup badges were not available in every city so this brings the World Cup badge fever to everyone.  Unlocking it is simple: just send a shout by itself of when you check-in of your best announcer goal or vuvuzela impression.  Two examples: “Goooooaaaaall!” or “Zzzzzzzzzzzz”.

The Dog’s Best Friend badge is a little more difficult to unlock and will require you having access to a dog park.  You earn this one in the same way that the Gym Rat badge is unlocked except at a different venue category.  If you check-in 10 times during a 30 day window to a venue with a category of “Dog Run” you will earn this badge (Gym Rat is at a “Gym” category venue).  Being a dog owner, I am very excited about this one and love the name. You certainly will be your dog’s best friend if you take him/her to a dog park 10 times in a month.

Thanks for the new badges Foursquare…now get out there and earn em Atlanta!

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and Foursquare