NASA Explorer Foursquare Badge is Active

On October 22nd, NASA Astronaut Col. Doug “Wheels” Wheelock became the first person to complete an extra-terrestrial Location Based System check-in when he checked in the International Space Station.  For that effort, he was the first person to be awarded the new NASA Explorer badge.  You can see more details on that announcement as well as a video of the check-in on my NASA Partners With Foursquare post from that day. Astro Wheels recently returned to Earth and brought with him the new NASA Explorer badge making it available for the public to start earning.

 The campaign is designed to encourage people to explore NASA Visitor Centers, Museums, Planetariums, and other locations to promote interest and study in science and space.  The unlock text for the out of this world badge reads:

Check the hoses on your spacesuit and prepare for launch! You have discovered lots of NASA related locations, making you an official NASA Explorer. Keep looking up and checking in!

There are several venues in GA and neighboring states where NASA has left tips and you can read through all of them on the NASA Foursquare page.  Atlanta has two tipped locations and by the looks of the one at the airport it may only be an eligible venue thru January when the NASA photograph exhibit is removed.  Here are a few tipped venues near and in GA for you to explore:

EDIT 1/11/11: NASA has just added tips at 4 more venues in GA.

Good luck out there exploring the cosmos as you work toward being a certified “NASA Explorer”!

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and Foursquare