Limited Edition Banksy Badge

This is one of those unique and fun things about Foursquare that I think is just awesome.  A few weeks ago, info about an “easter egg” badge being released at theaters across the country that were showing the documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop” hit the web.  It turns out that Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley is a fan of British street artist Banksy who was the man behind this film.  This intrigued me which led me to check out the trailer for the film and background info on the artist.  It opened in Los Angeles on April 16th where first confirmed reports of the badge hit the web then was verified the following Friday by 4squarebadges that other cities would have access to it with unlockings in the handful of cities opening the film on the 23rd.

On April 30th, the film finally hit the screen at Landmark Midtown Art Cinema.  After hearing some good things about the movie from a friend up near Boston, I decided to give it a shot for an afternoon showing.  I have to say I thought the documentary was very well done and definitely exceeded my expectations.  It has a slightly different take as it is a documentary about the street art explosion, but from the standpoint of Banksy documenting a guy who tried to make a documentary about it and failed miserably.  Were it not for this unique badge concept from Foursquare combined with the friends I have made on Twitter who enjoy the application, I would have likely never known about this film.  This is yet another example of the bridge that Foursquare builds between real life and technology using a social application that just seems to complement one another so well.

It looks like the film will be playing at Landmark Midtown Art Cinema until at least May 13th.  It is unknown how long the badge will remain active.  I have heard a shoutout when you check-in at Landmark mentioning the film title and/or Banksy is required to unlock, but can’t confirm if a standard check-in at Landmark will do it.  I did the shout when I checked-in (and sent the check-in to Twitter) and was awarded it.  Please comment when you go see the film and unlock the badge or do not unlock it so we can track how long it is available.

Post by Chad Elkins.

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