Lakers and Celtics Special Badges

Foursquare has decided to celebrate the classic matchup of the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics in the 2010 NBA Finals by launching two limited badges.  You’re probably saying to yourself…well I’m in Atlanta and not attending the games so there is no way to earn one of these for myself.  Sure you may not be going to any of the games, but you can still earn em.  All you have to do is to shout “Go Lakers!” or “Go Celtics!” when you check-in to any venue and you will be awarded the badge (assuming this will last the duration of the NBA Finals).  This will only work once meaning if you check-in to a venue and call out the Lakers to get that badge you will not be able to check-in at the next venue and earn the Boston badge by shouting for the Celtics.  Rumor out there is that if you shout for both teams in that first check-in then you will be awarded both badges.

Which team will you give a shout out for?

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and Foursquare