Indian Food Foursquare Badge

Some of my favorite badges from Foursquare are the food related expertise badges like the Flame Broiled and the Hot Tamale. I enjoy those ‘food groups’ so much that I have even created a couple of Foursquare lists featuring some of the places to find Atlanta’s best burgers and tacos. Foursquare has expanded their cuisine based expertise badge to cover Indian food with the ‘Naan-Sense’ badge. This one functions just like the others in the expertise series. Once you visit 5 different venues you will earn level 1 and will increase to the next level with each new set of five locations visited. Users who unlock the badge will see the following message:

Daal-ing! You must seriously love your curry – and checking in at Indian restaurants. Better order some poppadoms and chutney before you Vinda-lose your chance…

Along Came Polly

Atlanta is home to a lot of terrific Indian restaurants all over the metro area. Some popular spots that surface using the Explore feature on the Foursquare site are:

Help your fellow Foursquare users find the best Atlanta area spots by leaving your favorite Indian food recommendations in the comments. Happy exploring!

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and foursquare