Home Improvement Fixer Upper Badge

When you’re not out bowling, wasting time in your cubicle at the office, or sitting in a coffee shop…you may find yourself visiting your local hardware store to pick up supplies for that “honey do” list.  You’ll never win any awards for building that rickety looking spice rack, but Foursquare is there to give you a little something special for the effort: the Fixer Upper badge.  This digital merit badge is there to reward you, the unsung handyman hero, with the recognition you deserve for being the king of your domicile.  This is a category based badge and should be earned after visiting venues with the “Hardware” category.  The unlock text reads:

Whether you’re here for 1/4″ electro-galvinized roofing nails or that hammer-machine-saw-thingy, here’s to getting stuff done!

The real question you are gonna need to ask yourself when you are standing there in the electrical aisle of the hardware store is this: “Are you going to use a 220 connection on that?”  Just do what ol Mr. Mom Jack Butler would tell ya to do…he’d bust out a 220 or a 221, whatever it takes.  Good luck earning the new fixer upper badge and try not to smash your thumb with that hammer.

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and Foursquare