Happy New Year Foursquare Style

The rumors of a New Year’s Eve/Day Foursquare badge have been confirmed and one will be available for users to unlock.  Given the large variance in ways and locations that people celebrate, the New Year’s Eve badge will likely be a shout based badge similar to the recent Halloween pumpkin and not venue category based.  After the clock strikes midnight, get that first kiss of 2011 and sing your Auld Lang Syne then pick up your phone and give a shout with some variation of “Happy New Year”, “New Year”, “NYE”, etc.  It is unknown what exactly will be needed, but something to that effect should work. [see edit below for update]

There are a ton of parties and events going on around metro Atlanta that night.  If you are looking for some great ideas check out this “NYE in the ATL!” post from @ATL_Events.  Whether you are ringing in the New Year with someone you have already found, looking to start the year off with a new romantic interest, or using the occasion to finally tell that certain person you love them like Harry did with Sally…your evening will be just a little bit more special after you unlock this New Year’s Eve Foursquare badge.

EDIT 12/31: With half the world already celebrating the New Year more details are in on how to unlock this badge. It’s actually really simple…just check in anywhere between 8pm NYE and 4am NYD local time to unlock it.  No additional shout with your check-in necessary. A shout by itself may do it, but that is unconfirmed.

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and Foursquare