Halloween Badge Treats from Foursquare

What an exciting Foursquare day we’ve had here in Atlanta with the Team Coco Blimp flying over us and everyone earning their new Blimpspotter badge today.  The badge awesomeness just keeps on rolling into the weekend with two brand new limited edition badges from the folks at Foursquare: The 2010 Halloween Badge and the Spooky Swarm Badge.  Both of these badges are not venue specific and can be earned anywhere in the world.

To unlock the 2010 Pumpkin Halloween Badge simply include a shout with your check-in with the word “Halloween” somewhere in the message.  The Spooky Swarm badge will be a little more difficult to obtain.  As the name suggests, this badge is unlocked at any venue that is swarming…but to make it “spooky” the badge is only available at night.  Rumor is it must be later than 8 pm local time and safe to assume that both badges are only valid thru the end of October.

Atlanta is ripe with big parties around town for Halloween so unlocking the Spooky Swarm badge should be possible at these venues:

Thank you to 365Atlanta for helping with the list of events. There are definitely a lot more happenings around Atlanta so if you know of any good potential swarm events please add them to the comments.

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and Foursquare