Greasy Spoon Foursquare Diners Badge

Foursquare released a new badge called the Greasy Spoon to celebrate a little piece of dining Americana…diners!  It is a category based badge which means it is eligible at venues all over the world.  Foursquare users who visit venues with the ‘Diner’ category a total of 5 times will earn their Greasy Spoon merit badge and see the following unlock text:

Sticky vinyl booths, bottomless mugs of joe, apple pie fresh out of the display case… Does that waitress have syrup on her hairnet? Sounds like diner heaven to us. Now that you’ve hit 5, treat yourself to onion rings. Or a milkshake. We suggest both.

You can help out the Atlanta foursquare community by double checking the diners that you frequent to make sure they are categorized properly so that visits will count toward unlocking it.  The metro Atlanta area has quite a few diners so it is impossible to list all of them, but here are a few popular spots to explore:


What are some of your favorite diners in the metro Atlanta area?  Please list them in the comments to help other users find new places to try around town.

Have fun exploring the Atlanta diner scene and earning the new Greasy Spoon badge!

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and Foursquare