Get Fit with Foursquare and Runkeeper

The new partnership between RunKeeper and Foursquare was released at the end of September, but I wanted to have an opportunity to actually start using the Runkeeper app before posting on it.  For those of you who have never heard of RunKeeper it is a GPS enabled app that you install on your smartphone which helps you track your athletic activities.  The software goes beyond just charting distance by helping users monitor their pace, creating a log of completed activities, and even helps plan out an exercise schedule to track a set of planned goals.

Foursquare has always been about helping their users get out and explore the world, but recently has taken a shift in direction toward encouraging a healthy lifestyle.  We have seen evidence of this change with not only this initiative, but also with the CNN Healthy Eater campaign, Get Yourself Tested MTV promo & contest, and the new HealthMonth partnership.  What is unique with RunKeeper in comparison to previous Foursquare partnerships like Bravo and MTV is that there is no checking in required at venues to earn the rewards from Foursquare – which in this case means badges.

All you need to do to get started is create an account at RunKeeper, download the appropriate app for your phone, and then link your Foursquare account in the sharing settings within your RunKeeper profile.  All that is left is for you to get out there and start completing a wide variety of exercises including running, walking, cycling, elliptical, and even snowboarding!

The four badge rewards that have been released so far are the Warmup, Overachiever, 5k, and the highly coveted Marathon.  The Warmup is earned when you complete your first 3 activities and Overachiever is rewarded for knocking out five different types of activities.  The 5k and Marathon are both pretty self-explanatory and are given after completing a run activity of those lengths.

Personally, I am excited about this new healthy lifestyle direction Foursquare is taking and had it not been for this partnership I might not have ever started using RunKeeper.  Since I’ve installed the app it has inspired me to get away from the computer screen to exercise with more frequency – clearly the goal of the initiative.  Well done Foursquare and RunKeeper. Well done.

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and Foursquare