German Restaurant Expertise Badge

If you’re a fan of brats, schnitzels, strudels, and brews, then you are in luck. Foursquare expanded their expertise line of cuisine based badges to cover German restaurants: Schweinshaxen. This new badge comes to us just a couple days after another new expertise badge was released to reward users for exploring Indian cuisine. Like other expertise badges, you will unlock the it after visiting five different venues in the category (German restaurants in this case) and then level up for each additional five. Users who earn the Schweinshaxen badge will see the following unlock text:

Bratwurst. Eisbein. Sauerkraut. Labskaus. And you can’t resist a good Stammtisch and its schnitzel. Now grab a bier and enjoy the Gemütlichkeit. Guten appetit!

European Vacation

We don’t have a lot of German restaurants in the metro area so you will likely need to explore this category when you travel in order to unlock the badge. The Alpine themed town of Helen, Georgia is a fun place to visit and a great way to increase your expertise in all things German cuisine without leaving the state. Some of the metro Atlanta area venues you should check out are:

Have fun exploring and increasing your Foursquare expertise in all things German cuisine.

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and Foursquare