Fresh Brew Coffee Foursquare Badge

Foursquare just released a new badge for all of you coffee lovers out there.  This is the second coffee related badge available for users.  The first was the Starbucks Barista badge which is still available and earned when you visit 5 different locations.  From the looks of the unlock text, it appears that 30 check-ins at a coffee shop category venue should earn you this cup of Fresh Foursquare Brew.  That unlock text reads:

Look at you, Juan Valdez! That’s an impressive 30 cups of coffee. Now that you’ve had your caffeine fix, get out there and conquer the day – one twitchy step at a time.

I love all the new general badges the Foursquare team has been rolling out lately and hope they continue to add them going forward with some regularity.  30 coffee shop check-ins shouldn’t be too hard for folks to achieve over time.  I know I’ll earn it in no time as I’m a regular caffeine junkie just like the character Tweek from South Park.

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and Foursquare