Foursquare Hangover Badge

There are a lot of Foursquare badges that are earned while partying it up like the School Night, Crunked, Animal House, or Don’t Stop Believing ones.  Recently, Foursquare brought back one of the badges designed for the SXSW festival that is focused more on the morning after the party.  It’s called the Hangover Badge and is the third badge to be released to the general public that was originally created for SXSW (Swimmies and Super Swarm were the other two).  Unlocking this one is pretty much exactly what you think and hints are given in the unlock text:

Late to bed and early to rise. Good luck making it through the day. Tip: bacon egg n’ cheese and orange gatorade will be your bestest friend.

As you have probably guessed, to earn this badge you need to be out hitting the nightlife late and then drag yourself into the office early the next morning (or for some of you folks…just a couple hours later).  It is a category based badge so waking up in Caesars Palace with Mike Tyson’s tiger will not be necessary to earn it.  This new Foursquare merit badge will not take the sting out of that headache…or replace your missing tooth…but it will make the Gatorade taste just little bit sweeter.  Yep.  Tastes like badge victory.

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and Foursquare