Foursquare Fried Chicken Check-in Badge

Foursquare recently rolled out a new non-branded badge called the “Fried Check-in” badge.  This new badge rewards users for visiting venues in the “Fried Chicken Joint” sub-category under the “Food” group.  As the unlock text clearly states, it will take you 10 visits to venues with this primary category type:

Battered up! That’s 10+ fried chicken outings for you! I believe the technical term for that is Poultry In Motion.

Tip: Never feed your Mogwai fried chicken after midnight

This sub-category is relatively new so it is highly likely that there are a lot of venues out there that need it, but could be listed as a “Fast Food Restaurant”.  Businesses like Popeye’s, KFC, Bojangles, and Mrs. Winner’s are obvious choices for this category.  You start to get into gray areas around chains like Zaxby’s and Chick-Fil-A which are the subject of recent debates among SUs as to whether they need a primary classification of Fast Food Restaurant or a Fried Chicken Joint.  Personally, I feel that since they both have menus which are almost completely dominated by chicken that is mostly sold in fried form that they should count.  What do you think?

Please take the time to scroll through your check-in history to see if any of the venues you frequent need this new category type. Better accuracy in sub-category types like this one help in correctly recommending venues to other users in the “explore” tab.

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and Foursquare