Foursquare Burger Badge

Atlanta may have a legitimate claim to the “Burger Capital of the World” with the large variety of delicious dining options featuring and focused on this culinary piece of Americana.  From long standing favorites like The Vortex, The Earl, and Ann’s Snack Bar to the wave of newcomers including Flip Burger, Farm Burger, and Yeah!, it is safe to say that they are an important part of our city’s cuisine.  Today, foursquare announced the newest badge in their ‘expertise’ set: The Flame Broiled.

Users who check in to 5 different venues categorized as a ‘Burger Joint’ will unlock the badge at the level 1 status (each subsequent block of 5 different venues will unlock the next level).  Once earned you will see the following text:

There’s nothing like satisfying your craving with a bacon-infused, grass-fed Kobe beef burger nestled on a brioche bun. Or, you know, a good ol’ Quarter Pounder with Cheese. Sorry, make that a Royale with Cheese. (Oh you fancy, huh?)

The Vortex double coronary bypass burger

Personally, I love a good cheeseburger and crafted an ‘Atlanta Burgers FTW‘ list on foursquare featuring my favorite locations around the city for burger deliciousness.  Hopefully, that list will inspire you to get out and experience the vast amount of burger awesome this city of ours has to offer.  In case you were wondering… yes, I took the burger photo and ate the entire thing…tots too.

Happy exploring!

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and foursquare