Foursquare Branded Pages in Georgia

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Recent changes to the Foursquare For Business section within the Foursquare site have made both claiming a venue and creating a branded page much simpler for companies.  Now that the partner page creation process has been clearly defined and is available on the web many companies are taking advantage of this type of Foursquare account to interact with users.  The result: a lot more branded profiles with additional ones on the way.  I decided to create a single location to list these branded profiles to help users across Georgia navigate through the sea of new pages.  I have divided them into two different categories: 1) Branded profile pages for Georgia based brands & 2) Other branded profiles that have left at least one tip at a venue in Georgia. I also marked “badge” next to all of the brands that have had at least one badge associated with their account.

Georgia Based Branded Profile Accounts

Brands That Have Left Tips in Georgia

Hopefully, this will come in handy to help Georgia users identify brands to follow that have left tips around the state.  Locating these is a manual process and brands add tips daily, so please let me know if I have missed any in the comments.  I will continue to edit this list with new branded profile pages as they are identified.

UPDATE: There are just too many now to keep up with. Overload!! I will no longer be updating this list with new brands.

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and Foursquare