Foursquare Bowling Alley Badge

Foursquare rolled (punny) out a new general category based badge this week aimed at promoting one of the oldest sports on the planet: bowling.  Kingpins around the world can earn this one just by visiting their local bowling alley.  The number of visits you will need to earn the new 7-10 Split badge is not clear in the unlock text which reads:

You’ve shown your loyalty to the lanes, cooking up one hot turkey after the next. Now see if you can crash that 8-year-old’s birthday party. That cake looks good!

Foursquare didn’t exist when the Big Lebowski was filmed, but I’m pretty sure The Dude himself would be mighty proud to sport this new Foursquare merit badge.  A lot of bowling alleys also offer karaoke so if the venue is tagged correctly you could pick up that badge too while working on the 7-10.  I personally enjoy bowling, but haven’t been in a while so this may be the motivation I need to go throw some frames here soon.  True story and little known fact about me: I took bowling as a PE credit in college. Anyone up for a game?

Here are some popular Atlanta area bowling alleys (please add others that you like to visit in the comments):

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and Foursquare