Foursquare Badge for Runners

Whether you jog around Piedmont Park, road warrior it, or hit the trails, this new foursquare Joggernaut badge is for you. Users who check-in 10 times at venues categorized as tracks and/or add phrases mentioning running or jogging to any check-in will unlock this badge and see the following text:

There’s no hill too steep, weather too miserable, personal best unbeatable, or shame in hitting the snooze button (once in awhile…). Now gulp some electrolytes, put ‘Eye of the Tiger’ on repeat, and don’t let anyone hate on your Five Finger shoes.

Run Fatboy Run movie

I like the badges from foursquare that encourage users to lead a more healthy lifestyle. You can also use the Runkeeper app and earn even more foursquare badges for getting out and exercising. Have fun earning this new Joggernaut badge!

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and Foursquare