ESPN Foam Finger Badge

ESPN recently announced they are teaming up with foursquare to provide not only get great tips about sports stadiums, but those fans will now be able to receive up to date information about specific games they have checked in through the recently released events functionality.  Foursquare users who follow ESPN and visit a sports stadium three times will earn the new “Foam Finger” badge.  Those fans will see this unlock text:

Your voice is raspy. Your legs are sore. Your team couldn’t do it without you. High five, you’re a true sports fan.

As of this post, the only venues ESPN has tipped are the MLB stadiums and Turner Field is obviously included in that list.  The ESPN tip at “The Ted” calls out that fans should visit the Braves Museum which is a must see memorabilia tour through the history of our franchise.  I would anticipate the list of Atlanta and Georgia venues to continue to grow as other sports are included.   Be on the lookout for our other venues like the Georgia Dome and Philips Arena to be added in the near future and when they are I will be sure to update this list:

source: Reelz

Don’t forget that checking in at the Turner Field venue also counts toward unlocking the baseball stadium category Triple Play badge.  I am looking forward to seeing this new integration of the events functionality and partners being able to provide real time tips.  Looks like it’s time to get the face paint ready like Puddy from Seinfeld and head on out to the ball park.  See yall there!

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and Foursquare