Earl of Sandwich Foursquare Badge

earl of sandwich foursquare badgeSometimes, there’s just nothing better than a delicious sandwich to fill that hunger craving. From quick serve subs to an artisan masterpiece, your culinary exploration into the world of sandwiches will now be rewarded with a new Foursquare expertise badge: Earl of Sandwich. This is a category based badge and will level up to 10 as you explore more locations that fall under the “Sandwich Place” category. Users who earn the first level will see the following unlock text:

Cold cuts to artisanal paninis — any way you slice it, it’s still a sandwich.

There are too many sandwich locations around town to list them all, but I will share the top sandwich venues that the Foursquare Explore feature recommended for me in Atlanta:

source: bonappetit

source: bonappetit

Have fun exploring these and other sandwich locales around Atlanta!

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and Foursquare