Downward Facing Dog Yoga Foursquare Badge

Foursquare rolled out a new category badge today that will appeal to all of you out there who like to Yoga: The Downward Facing Dog Badge.  What are yoga folks called anyway? Yogaers? Yogites? Yogarians? Whatever you call yourselves be sure to keep checking in wherever it is you go to yoga and make sure the venue is properly categorized.  It is tied to the “Yoga Studio” category which can be found in the “Home/Work/Other” group and under the “Gym/Fitness” subcategory.  Downward Facing Dog badge unlock text:

After countless chakra cleansing hours, you’re making those stretch pants proud with a perfect Half Moon and an om-mazing Tree Pose. Namaste.

I have no idea what a downward facing dog, half moon, or tree pose is…but I can tell you one thing that I learned from Jason Bateman…if a guy named Salvadore shows up to teach me how to do it…I will not be sticking around long enough to earn this new Foursquare badge.  Have fun yogaing…or whatever you call it.

What are some of your favorite places in metro Atlanta to yoga?

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and Foursquare