Bike Enthusiast Badge

Atlanta has a large and active cycling community with an extensive network of trails like the Silver Comet and organizations like the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition. With that said, there are should be a lot of foursquare users who will be excited to learn about a new badge geared towards cyclists: Velocipede Badge. There are two ways to earn this new biking badge. You can check-in a bicycle shop 10 times and/or add a shout to any check-in mentioning you are biking. Those enthusiasts who earn this new digital merit badge will see the following unlock text:

Whether you’re riding a cruiser, fixie, road bike or recumbent, the most important thing is you’re protecting the ozone AND you look good in spandex. Like a modern day Captain Planet! Except instead of flying, you’ve got that two-wheeled contraption…

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What are some of your favorite bicycle shops? Here are some local favs:


Have fun biking around town and remember to wear a helmet. Safety first y’all.

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and Foursquare