BET Black History Month Badge

To celebrate Black History Month, BET partnered with Foursquare to create the ‘Say It Loud’ badge to encourage users to visit places around the country that are significant to African American history. The badge is similar to the 2011 Black History Month badge from The Grio. To earn the badge, you simply need to follow BET on Foursquare and then explore venues where they have dropped tips. Users who earn the Say It Loud badge will see the following unlock text:

Thanks for celebrating Black History with us! You’ve checked in at a place that’s part of African-American history – and we’re proud! More info at

Atlanta has a rich African American history so it should come as no surprise that our city has several tipped locations from BET. Do you have any suggestions for additional locations? BET has a form for users to recommend additional venues. Here are the current BET tipped venues in Georgia:

Source: The King Center

As many of you are aware, my favorite types of badges are those that encourage users to explore the history around them. Other current and retired badges that have focused on history tips around Atlanta are The History Channel, The Grio, The Urban Daily, and National Trust for Historic Preservation.

There are other brand pages that focus on historical tips in Atlanta which have not run badge campaigns, but are worth following. Please check out Historic Oakland Cemetery, Explore Georgia, Scoutmob, and the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Have fun exploring Atlanta and earning the new BET Say It Loud badge. Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and Foursquare