Arts and Crafts Foursquare Badge

Foursquare released a new badge geared to rewarding all of you crafty types out there with an arts and crafts digital merit badge: Homemade Hero.  When I say “crafty types” I’m not referring to the Beastie Boys Licensed to Ill crafty folks…I’m talking more along the lines of the Etsy type crafters.  This is a Foursquare general category based badge and can be earned by visiting venues that folks who enjoy crafting go for supplies.  This badge is definitely associated to venues labeled with the “Arts and Crafts” category from the “Shops” area, but the “Hobbies” category could be a possibility as well (unconfirmed).  The unlock text reads:

Warm up the glue gun, sharpen your scissors and lay out some pipe cleaners – cause somebody’s about to make something awesome! Sure hope it’s a papier-mâché dinosaur!


Unleash your inner Martha Stewart by taking on a new project and get rewarded with this new Homemade Hero badge.  Some example venues where you can earn the badge would be any of the Michaels and Hancock Fabrics locations or the popular Sam Flax store in Midtown.  Having trouble finding ideas for new craft projects?  Check out the crafts section on and create cool geek stuff like these character napkin rings.  May the force…and this new arts and crafts homemade hero badge…be with you.

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and Foursquare