AJC Insider Foursquare Badge

AJC Atlanta Insider Foursquare Expertise BadgeThe Atlanta Journal Constitutional (AJC) has partnered with foursquare to offer its own expertise badge. Over the past few months, staff at the AJC has been adding a lot of great foursquare tips at local restaurants. They have organized many of these tips into 9 distinct lists, highlighting the best burgers, French fries, pizza, and even hot dogs in the metro Atlanta area. Now, they are offering a foursquare badge to those people who like their AJC foursquare brand page and check-in at some of these places. Users who unlock this badge will see the following text:

“It looks like you’ve uncovered one of our favorite spots or events in Atlanta. Well done and enjoy!”

In fact, the AJC has taken the badge one step further. Instead of making a badge that is one-and-done where you earn it and maybe forget about it later, they created a badge that you can level up as you explore more restaurants and hotspots in metro Atlanta. The good news is that previous check-ins at their listed restaurants count towards your badge and levels, but you still have to like their foursquare page and check-in to one of the venues on their nine lists to unlock the badge. From there, you will be on your way towards level 10!

Post by: Dwayne Kilbourne – Find Dwayne on Twitter and Foursquare