2013 NCAA AT&T Final Four Badge

at&t final four 2013 foursquare badge AtlantaIt is impossible to drive around the city or turn on the news without hearing about the 2013 NCAA Final Four festivities descending upon Atlanta next week. AT&T is a major sponsor of the event and has teamed up with Foursquare to create another NCAA sports themed badge: 2013 Final Four Fanatic. This one can only be unlocked right here in Atlanta. Boom shakalaka!!

To earn the badge simply follow AT&T on Foursquare and visit one of their sponsored locations during the Final Four college basketball festivities. There are so many things going on all around Centennial Park from concerts to events, this one should be easy to unlock for folks. Here are some of the venues:

2013 Atlanta NCAA Final Four Logo

Users who earn the NCAA Final Four Fanatic badge will see the following unlock text:

Congrats! You’re now an AT&T Final Four Fanatic! Time to root on your team (and brag to all your friends while you’re at it). Once you’re back home, don’t forget to stop by your local AT&T store & check out the new LG Optimus G.

Be sure to download the official AT&T NCAA Final Four mobile app to keep up with scores, earn points when you check-in places around Atlanta, and scan specially marked signs.

It will be a busy and action packed week downtown which is a perfect time to get out and explore!

Post by: Chad Elkins – Find Chad on Twitter and Foursquare