2010 Atlanta Foursquare Day Recap

It’s been a little over a week since 4/16 and I still can’t believe how fantastic that day was.  I think the success we had here in Atlanta is a prime example of just how strong the social community is here.  We had over 50 different venues offering specials that were unique to Atlanta Foursquare Day.  50!!  The best part about that was almost all of the venues had never run a Foursquare special before!  I can’t thank them all enough for taking that all important first step and running a promo (not to mention so quickly as it was all put together in a week).  I hope all of them will continue to see the value in what Foursquare can bring to their business.  If there is anything I can ever do to help you or if you have questions, please just let me know.  I appreciate what you did and helping out is the least I can do in return.

Not only did we have a great lineup of specials…we had one helluva Foursquare Atlanta Swarm party at Cheyenne Grille!  We unlocked the Swarm Badge about an hour into the event and peaked around 100 guests checked in at the same time.  Cheyenne Grille was very accommodating with great food and drink specials plus a wonderful and attentive staff.  I definitely want to thank Sports Bar Digital for providing some really cool interactive TVs that let party guests send live updates onto the screens via Twitter, Foursquare, text, and email.  Metromix Atlanta even came out and took some pics so be sure to check those out too.

No matter how you look at it, Foursquare Day in Atlanta was a complete success.  With a little more time next year to plan…it’s going to be even better!!

The next time you visit any of the venues who are on this list that participated in Atlanta Fourquare Day 2010, please be sure to thank them so that they know how important their involvement was to the success of this day.

Post by Chad Elkins.

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