Does your business have a foursquare special/promo that you would like featured here on  Is your business planning a Swarm Party?  Have any cool ideas you would like to see on the site…or just want to let me know how awesome it is?  Please use the contact form below to send over the info.

Also, please be sure to include links to your business website(s), Twitter page(s), Facebook page(s), and your foursquare venue so that the correct reference links can be used to help promote your specials or swarm.

Thank you for your interest in not only foursquare, but also your interest in the Atlanta digital social community.

ATTENTION: If this is for 2013 Atlanta Foursquare Day specials, please include your business name and “4sqDay” in the subject line. It would be helpful if you could also provide a link to your venue(s) in the email body.  This will make things a lot easier to keep up with on my side and help to ensure I get the right location listed.


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Please email me directly: info [at] 4sqATL [dot] com