Guest Posts

Have a great idea for a post regarding Foursquare or using Foursquare around Atlanta that you would like to share with the 4SqATL audience?  You can guest blog it!!  This site was created as a resource for sharing Foursquare related info, tips, experiences, and events to assist Foursquare players around metro Atlanta.  If you have something you would like to post here, please use the contact page and let me know.  The more contributors sending in information that we have on this site, the better off all of us will be in utilizing this application to have fun in this great city.

Keep in mind 4SqATL is a volunteer managed site so there will not be any compensation for guest posting.  You will be given credit for your work and can share links to your own personal blog/sites which would get you some potential new readers and help your site with some backlinks.

Thanks yall!

Chad Elkins

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