4SqATL Site Changes

Foursquare Atlanta was originally created to help aggregate Foursquare Day specials and swarm party details.  Now that it is over 4SqATL needed a little revamping in purpose and along with that comes modifications to the site layout and content.  The biggest difference is that all of the Foursquare Day information about specials and the swarm party are no longer on the home page.  That information is still being maintained as a separate page and can be accessed by using the link at the top of here: Atlanta Foursquare Day 2010.

You will also notice a major change with the addition of the 4SqATL Forum.  This message board is a place for Foursquare players and businesses from around metro Atlanta to interact with one another.  It is also a great place to get assistance with any problems you may have noticed at venues or with your account.

Going forward, this site will also work to share Foursquare related news that will be of interest to Atlanta users and help to keep folks updated on how those new changes impact metro ATL.  If there are businesses out there offering any great specials that need to be highlighted this site is a great place for that information as well.  Plus…let’s not forget about parties.  There will definitely more Swarm Parties planned (and even Super Swarm Parties!) so stay tuned for that.

In a nutshell, this site is designed to be a single resource for all things Foursquare in Atlanta.  If you have an idea on content or changes, please use the contact form and send them in.  This will be a site for Atlanta Foursquare users and by Foursquare Atlanta users.  Don’t forget to follow 4SqATL on Twitter too for more real time updates on swarms and specials.

Post by Chad Elkins.

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