Thank you for visiting Foursquare Atlanta.  This site is dedicated to promoting and sharing all things Foursquare around metro Atlanta.  It is completely volunteer run and not affiliated with the company.

4SqATL is the best resource for all Foursquare Players around greater metro Atlanta.  This site will feature specials that businesses are offering, help to promote Swarm meetup events folks are organizing, and as a resource for questions or issues with using the application in the forum section.  4SqATL will also work to share global Foursquare new updates and changes and help explain the impact it will have on players here in Atlanta.  This site is not endorsed by or managed by Foursquare and no compensation is being given by them.  Logos used on here have been modified from branded logos by Foursquare. 

It is also the Official home of Atlanta Foursquare Day which will take place around metro ATL on annually on April 16th.  Why April 16th?  4 squared equals 16.  Get it? #Geekhumor

Foursquare Day was created by some cool nerds down in Tampa FL who shared their idea with a few folks and then the next thing you know Foursquare gives it their endorsement sending folks off to the races to get prepared.  

If you have any questions or comments, please send them in using the Contact page or on Twitter at @4SqATL.

This site was created and is maintained by Chad Elkins. Catch me on Twitter at @ratpack and on Foursquare here.